A Loving Home For Every Child
A. Sbitany & Sons Co.
A. Sbitany & Sons Co.

In 2015, Akram Sbitany & Sons Co. Ltd. began its support of the SOS Children’s Village by furnishing two of their branches in the Gaza Strip and Bethlehem with numerous electrical and home appliances. Its support continued in 2016, with the production and promotion of a short documentary highlighting the role of mother's at SOS Children's Villages. In 2017, under its WeCare social responsibility program, A. Sbitany & Sons Co. Ltd will focus its social responsibility efforts on supporting SOS Children's Villages - Palestine.

A. Sbitany & Sons Co. Ltd Testimonial

“A. Sbitany & Sons Co. Ltd believes strongly that its support must also take into consideration long-term goals and sustainable support, which is why we produced and promoted a video about the powerful relationship between the children and the SOS mother, which brought insight and awareness to the tremendous work being done at the SOS Children’s Village. We were happy in 2016, during the holy month of Ramadan, to treat the children of SOS to an Iftar dinner filled with various activities, games adding to the joyous atmosphere of family and fun.

"Under our WeCare program, we have set a precedent in the private sector, being the first private company along with its employees to consistently dedicate both its time and resources towards a social cause. By focusing throughout the 2017 year on support SOS Children’s Villages, Sbitany hopes to play a part in enabling the organization to continue its humanitarian mission in providing and nurturing a safe environment the children who live there.”