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Donate to Family Strengthening Programme

Who We Are

SOS Children’s Villages Palestine established in 1966 as the first of its kind in the Middle East. It is one of the associations under the umbrella of SOS Children’s Villages International, which is working in more than 135 countries worldwide. Today, SOS Children’s Villages Palestine works with orphaned and abandoned children or children who are risk of becoming orphaned or abandoned. Through our Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) we help parents and communities to build capacities to care for their children and prevent family breakdown. Sometimes, however, a child or young person has no family, or their safety and well-being depend upon being in a more supportive family environment. Then we provide quality Family Based Care (FBC). In each case, we look at the whole person; we listen to their needs and work to provide the best care to support the individual child or young person in their development. Through these two programs, we cared for more than 2,400 children in 2016. 

Meet Narmeen, one of the beneficiaries from SOS Children’s Villages – Palestine’s Family Strengthening programme.

When I first met Narmeen, age 43, she was fully of energy. She did not spare a minute to invite us to her small Gaza home for coffee, share news of her family and her ever-growing business.

Narmeen’s joyful demeanor does not show the challenges she has come through to get to where she is today.

In 2013, Narmeen and one of her sons were sleeping on the street. Her ex-husband had kicked her out of the house and forced her to give up any claim to ownership of the house. The other children were still staying with their father, but the situation was abusive for them.

Narmeen was unable to provide a home and care for her children. Moreover, she was shunned by her community, which looked down on divorce.

Narmeen and her family were enrolled in the SOS Family Strengthening Programme in order to help her get off the street and become economically independent. Since 2013, SOS has support Narmeen’s family with nutritional needs, psychosocial support, educational support, a percentage of their home rent, so that all the children can live with their mother and granted an income generating project so that Narmeen could build a business.

Narmeen’s life is completely different after joining the Family Strengthening Programme. Her children are healthy and educated. Narmeen went from depressed to happy and fully of energy. Once she graduates from the programme in 2018, she wants to be a mentor for women and their families who are new to the Family Strengthening Programme so that she can share her story and the magnificent support she received from SOS.


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About the SOS Family Strengthening Programme:

This program aims to prevent children from losing the care of their family. We empower families, to strengthen their capacity to protect and care for their children, and strengthen safety nets for vulnerable children and families within their community. In this programme, we work with over 2,200 children in more than 475 families in the most vulnerable areas in the Southern West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  


$1,300 (Approx. € 1,085) is the Monthly Cost of a Family

In our Family Strengthening Programme which covers:


- Education

- Medical Needs and Psychosocial Support

- Home Renovation

- Capacity Building Trainings For Parents

- Small Income Generating Projects For Families

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Arab Bank: Account # (USD): 9050-707834-510

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  • When making a transfer, please write “Support for family in SOS family strengthening programme” as the reason for the donation.

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