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My Wish Campaign
My Wish Campaign

"My Wish" Campaign !

"Little Children But...Big Wishes"

SOS Children’s Villages – Palestine Message for the New Year 2018

As we welcome the New Year of 2018, we cannot but send you a message of love and peace from the land of peace, hoping that this new year will be full of success for you all, and that your wishes come true. On this occasion, and since we deeply believe that the future of children begins with their small wishes, SOS Children’s Villages – Palestine launches its campaign titled “My Wish” under the slogan “Little children… but big wishes”, through which we aim to shed a light on the wishes of 180 children living in the 2 SOS children villages in the cities of Bethlehem and Rafah, as part of the family care program provided by SOS in Palestine. All children of the world have wishes that they aim to achieve, and so do the children of SOS. This message is an invitation for all of you to join us in turning these wishes into reality, and become our partners as we do this together.

Join us in turning their wishes into reality by donating for an SOS Family with 50 NIS Per Month / 600 NIS Per Year.

Donate cash or check by visiting us in Bethlehem

Nativity Street, Nazzal Building, 4th floor 

Donate via bank transfer

Arab Bank

  • Account # (USD): 9050-707834-510
  • Account # (NIS): 9050-707834-570

Bank of Palestine

  • Account # (NIS): 0452/1057205/099/3000/000

* If the donation was made by bank transfer, please contact us on the following numbers to confirm receiving the donation.

For more information please contact:

1700-120-122 or 0594216585 

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