A Loving Home For Every Child
A Family for every Child" Campaign"
A Family for every Child

“A Family for every Child”                                                                                                         


In SOS Children’s Villages Palestine, we look forward for children to receive love and care in loving families, to belong and be raised up within a safe and respectful environment. In which we present full family alternative care and high quality education for more than 3000 children and youth whom lost parental care and orphans. That is to be able to help themselves and settle down with their lives.

We aspire to make more effort and support for each child and provide annual and monthly donations to ensure their future with their families. Families that protect them from poverty, displacement and exploitation and care to not live alone and grow up in a true family atmosphere.

Be one of our bigger SOS family and a partner in securing their lives constantly, join SOS Children’s Villages friends of businessmen and businesswomen who influences the lives of SOS children.


To donate for one of SOS families :

  • 400 NIS a Month
  • 4800 NIS a Year

Be one of the first 54 businessmen and businesswomen who decided to give children at SOS Children’s Villages families of love and safety.


How to give to SOS Children's Villages - Palestine :

      1. Donate Cash or Check

  • Visit us in SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem /Hermann Gmeiner Street-Al Karkafeh: 022462267
  • Visit us in SOS Children’s Village in Rafah/ Tel al Sultan Street: 082150240
  • Visit us in SOS Children’s Village National Office in Bethlehem / Nazal Building, 4th Floor, Al- Mahd Street: (0)2 276 5671


​       2. Bank deposit or transfer

Arab Bank

  • Account # (USD): 9050-707834-510
  • Account # (NIS): 9050-707834-570

Bank of Palestine

  • Account # (NIS): 0452/1057205/099/3000/000
  • Account # (NIS): 0450/1382955/099/3000/000 


       3. Pal Pay authorized payment centers

This is through the approved payment centers of PalPay in all governorates, in order to find the nearest authorized payment center close to you Enter the link below. Choose the province then the city and then (SOS children’s village) of the item (services) and conduct a search, you will see a list of the closest places you can go to proceed with the payment of sponsorship or donation (to the children’s Village). The merchant will receive the amount with your mobile number, to be contacted by SOS team to confirm receipt of your donation. PalPay Link:

Press here :  


       4. Donate through CAF America:

CAF America is a qualified International Organization to receive donations on behalf of non-governmental organizations around the world. So when your donation is equal or more than 500 USD Dollars, CAF America donates the same amount for SOS Children’s Villages Palestine.

If you were one of the donors inside the United states of America and would like to donate equal or more than 500 USD Dollars you can receive a tax deduction with your donation amount.

To Donate through CAF America , please click here


  • Please contact us once you donate through the bank account, in order to receive confirmation with your donation or sponsorship amount.