A Loving Home For Every Child
Help Support the Children During the Global Corona Virus
Help Support the Children During the Global Corona Virus

We continuously support children and families and protect them from Corona virus.

SOS Children's Villages have worked since the beginning of the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency crisis to provide means of protection and safety for beneficiaries specifically in Bethlehem and for all beneficiaries in West Bank and Gaza Strip. SOS homes at SOS Children’s Villages and its facilities have been sterilized and all necessary precautions and measures have been taken to protect children and mothers .

Our teams are also working continuously in coordination with authorities and ministry of Social Affairs to provide all services and secure the necessary needs for all beneficiaries , as all governorates are under an emergency lockdown.

Given the rapid escalation of the Corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) and increasing demand for needs and providing protection, safety and services, we need a rapid response to contribute to supporting families, children, mothers and all the beneficiaries under our care.

Today we need your support and giving, which will contribute and help us secure safety and protection measures for thousands of children and families in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In order to provide all the services and continue the preventive measures against the Corona virus pandemic, we need your support at this time more than ever!


We are in this together, your contribution will help in securing children from corona virus

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