A Loving Home For Every Child
Bring warmth to children's hearts
Bring warmth to children's hearts

Bring Warmth for Children’s Hearts

Rami came to SOS Children's Village four years ago with his sisters, where they had no one, their father lost the ability to take care of them, and their mother left. They were living alone in an unsanitary, insecure, and unfinished home. When Rami arrived at SOS, he was very shy and had difficulty expressing himself, but that did not last for long as he was quickly able to adapt to the safr life at SOS Village. This was the first time for him yo feel the mother and family atmosphere along with clean and safe home in which he felt closer to his sisters.

Under the current hard circumstances of Covid-19 pandemic spread, children like Rami and his sisters still need you to open your hearts for them.

We struggle to provide care and support for more than 4000 children at SOS Children’s Villages whom lost parental care, love and security!

Children need to feel safe. More than ever. They need Loving and caring homes in this winter… this means a lot for them!

Give children like Rami and his sisters things that they lost. Give them strength, love, trust and security with your monthly and annual sponsorship to secure their future.

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**Please contact us once you donate through the bank account, in order to receive confirmation with your donation or sponsorship amount. Also, for support and other inquiries please contact us on  WhatsApp : +972594216585