A Loving Home For Every Child
Paltel Group Foundation
Paltel Group Foundation

Every year, PalTel Group Foundation, provides SOS youth with scholarships for university or vocational training as part of their PalTel Group Scholarships Program. In 2016, 7 SOS youth from the West Bank and Gaza received full or partial scholarships from PalTel Group's Scholarships Program for their studies.

PalTel Group Foundation Testimonial

"PalTel Group Foundation believes in the right of every child without family care to have a life of health, education and social welfare.  This belief is reflected in initiatives and programmes which support different aspects of Palestinian society, such as PalTel Group Scholarships Program for university and vocational training scholarships, of which annual scholarships are awarded to orphaned youth from care homes.

We are proud of our cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages – Palestine, which provide a safe and healthy haven filled with a family friendly atmosphere for children and young people who have lost family care. In addition, the ensure that youth have decent living opportunities so that they can rely on themselves as adults and create a promising future."