A Loving Home For Every Child
Shadi W Ana Charitable Society
 Shadi W Ana Charitable Society

Shadi W Ana Charitable Society

A charitable society that takes care of children whom been oppressed in their life and deprived of living within their loving families, as well as children whom lost paternal care and live within specialized organizations. The children’s ages of the society are among 1 to 16 years old. Those include:

  1. Illegitimate Children
  2. Children in dire social and economic hardships
  3. Children of unknown parents

The charity is campaigning since a year and a half, in which had been launched as an initiative through Facebook entitled “little from me and little from you could make a lot of people happy”. “Shadi W Ana” now collects several donations and provide everything that makes a child’s heart happy, such as sweets, clothes, shoes, toys, and many other things that enlightens children’s hearts.

In its first field visit for a group of children Shadi W Ana had been moved by a little child among them who kissed and hugged a small bag of sweets, this child was four years old and named Shadi. So, the name Shadi W Ana came up and the charity had been named after him. “Shadi” is for every child living in an institution away from his or her loving family. “Ana” is every “Me” person who loves to give from the bottom of his and her heart.


 The Charity’s Activities:

The charity includes 40 young volunteers who come from ordinary families, and have a deep belonging to the charity in which they prepare all children’s needs including packaging for clothes, shoes and other gifts.  Volunteers visit several children’s organizations in different places such as Bethlehem, Nazareth, etc. They also deliver different stuff and implement delightful activities for children with the help of clowns and specialized children councilors.

Volunteers dedicate time for children and communicate with them in order to bridge the gaps and build bridges with children whom been aggrieved in life. Our future vision had to be highlighted, which is building bridges of a happy life for those children as they deserve to feel valuable and important through our giving.

Our future work is not limited to delivering grants and implementing joyous activities for children. We aim to maintain our future vision which is building bridges of a happy life for those children.