A Loving Home For Every Child
EID AlAdha Campaign
EID AlAdha Campaign

Qurban to their Hearts

Your donation means alot for them...

Some children are not lucky to have loving, protecting and securing families. However, at SOS Children’s Villages Palestine, we have 3800 children whom lost parental care and security in which we try our best to provide for them. In EID we look forward to cover their needs at SOS Children’s Villages in Bethlehem and Rafah, in addition to serving thousands of marginalized and most vulnerable families within Family Strengthening Programme.

What you help growing today with your charity will return its fruits tomorrow for you!

There is no better chance than the blessed days of Eid al-Adha to help in sponsoring children and their families, and to those who lost support or securing refuge.

You can change an orphan’s life forever by offering them:


How to give to Children at SOS Children's Villages - Palestine:

1- Pal Pay authorized payment centers:

This is through the approved payment centers of PalPay in all regions, in order to find the nearest authorized payment center close to you enter the link below : 

2-  Bank deposit or transfer

A) Arab Bank

  • Account # (USD): 9050-707834-510
  • Account # (NIS): 9050-707834-570

B) Bank of Palestine

  • Account # (NIS): 0452/1057205/099/3000/000
  • Account # (NIS): 0450/1382955/099/3000/000 


**Please contact us once you donate through the bank account, in order to receive confirmation with your donation or sponsorship amount.

For support and other inquiries please contact us on :  WhatsApp : +9725942165851700-120-122 /  02 - 2765671