A Loving Home For Every Child
Where We Work
Where We Work

In SOS Children’s Villages, children live according to their own culture and religion and learn to recognize and express their individual abilities, interests and talents. There are two Children’s Villages in Palestine: Bethlehem and Rafah.



The SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem is the first SOS village in the Middle East and was ​established in 1966. Recently there are 93 children living in 14 houses.


The SOS Children’s Village in Rafah was established in 2000 In Rafah there are currently 74 children in 12 houses.

There is also a house for the village director in each village, as well one house is designated for the Aunties who support the SOS mothers and look after the children when the mother is absent.

Southern West Bank and Gaza Strip

The Family Strengthening Progamme (FSP) aims to prevent children from losing the care of their family. It is well perceived within Palestine and is carried out in two locations: Southern West Bank and the Gaza Strip.